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About Us

Started back in 1978 by Mr. Barney Clark, Clark Auto began as an auto sales and minor repair shop. As time progressed and along with sons, Corey and Eddie, the business began to expand and offer more services. The new blood brought new ideas and a new direction. Soon, Corey and Eddie were becoming interested in performance cars, mainly the Mopar variety. It didn't take long for them to begin building muscle cars, then classics, and onto street rods. Today, Clark Auto (dba American Rods) builds the super cool '39 Studebaker pickup truck conversions for the GM S-series pickups.

The Clark compound consists of two main buildings. One is 50' x 80', which is the new addition, housing the state-of-the-art paint booth. The main shop is 90' x 50', and this is where the disassembly, cutting, building, etc., takes place. Every step of the buildup process, except for the interior and exhaust work, is finished at American Rods. When using a new S-series truck; the engine, drive-train, steering, fuel system, air conditioning, and brakes remain intact. The inside of the cab remains unchanged to allow you to retain all your current comfort, safety and conveniences.

At American Rods, only the highest quality parts and craftsmanship are used. You deserve the best and so does your next project.

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Address: 5202 Wolf Creek Rd : Pell City, AL 35128
Phone: (205) 884-1017
Fax: (205) 884-1016